Time, why you walk away?

Just a little note to apologize once again for the lack of posts and to tell you guys that I will be taking a little break from blogging, probably until the Christmas vacations. I have recently started college again after taking a year off from school and am a little overwhelmed by my course load and work load. Clearly, this blog has suffered from that and I would rather not blog than post mediocre pictures of mediocre outfits. So, to my (few) readers, whom I am always so happy to hear from, I will talk to you during the winter break and I hope you all have a lovely semester :)

Petite Esthète xxx

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ellie said...

Good luck with your course, we all need little breaks from time to time so no need to apologise.

I look forward to hearing your news in the winter break, look after yourself and i hope the studying goes well.