Time, why you walk away?

Just a little note to apologize once again for the lack of posts and to tell you guys that I will be taking a little break from blogging, probably until the Christmas vacations. I have recently started college again after taking a year off from school and am a little overwhelmed by my course load and work load. Clearly, this blog has suffered from that and I would rather not blog than post mediocre pictures of mediocre outfits. So, to my (few) readers, whom I am always so happy to hear from, I will talk to you during the winter break and I hope you all have a lovely semester :)

Petite Esthète xxx


Devil in the details.

Just a quick post of the most random outfit detail... I've been such a horrible blogger as far as actually posting pictures goes, but I've been working hard at changing the look of the blog to make it more esthetically pleasing (and if you look around a bit, you'll even find pictures of my face free of sunglasses). As far as outfit pictures go, I haven't taken any recently for the simple reason that I haven't gotten much more than 3 hours of sleep per night in the last 3 weeks and look like... like the stuff of nightmares.

[T-shirt from random lebanese store, Calvin Klein blazer, Just USA jeans, American Eagle Outfitters belt and Ardène watches- to the people who know what this store is; don't judge. I just really like these watches.]


They weren't to know, they got caught up in your talent show...

I've been meaning to post these babies for a while... Got them at Zara maybe two months ago but only wore them once because... well because I have too many shoes. But also because the weather here is now a delicious mixture of cold + rain + humidity, which as we all know does wonders for one's shoes. Anyway, I think they are the sexiest things :)


And if you want another kind of love, I'll wear a mask for you...

"If you want a boxer,
I will step into the ring for you.
And if you want a doctor,
I'll examine every inch of you."
-I'm Your Man, by Leonard Cohen

[Gray dress by Ixia, gray cardigan by American Apparel, black tights and black leather knee-high boots which I still can't remember where I got.]


You stayed on my mind.

This week I: went to the beach, got the biggest sunburn known to man, bought a new purse, had a bbq/pool party with some friends, got about a million mosquito bites, met interesting people :)

[Tank top by H&M, cardigan and skirt by American Apparel and sandals and purse by Aldo.]



"Nothing can compare
to when you roll the dice
and you swear your love's for me..."
Finley Quaye ft William Orbit- Dice

[H&M jeans, Audrey 3+1 cardigan, random wifebeater, American Eagle belt and Nine West heels]