Devil in the details.

Just a quick post of the most random outfit detail... I've been such a horrible blogger as far as actually posting pictures goes, but I've been working hard at changing the look of the blog to make it more esthetically pleasing (and if you look around a bit, you'll even find pictures of my face free of sunglasses). As far as outfit pictures go, I haven't taken any recently for the simple reason that I haven't gotten much more than 3 hours of sleep per night in the last 3 weeks and look like... like the stuff of nightmares.

[T-shirt from random lebanese store, Calvin Klein blazer, Just USA jeans, American Eagle Outfitters belt and Ardène watches- to the people who know what this store is; don't judge. I just really like these watches.]


Valencia Lia said...

Love love those 2 bright color watched you're wearing !

Can't wait to see more posts from you tooooo <3 <3

Noelle + Kendall said...

Nice watches! the colors are so fab!

-N + K

monkey toes said...

brilliant details!! the watches are really cool!!!

Noelle + Kendall said...
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TheFashionAve said...

The watches are gorgeous :P

Anna Katrina said...

i love those watches! the colors are so vibrant and fun

Anna Katrina